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Customer Love

"I love this company. You will not get better customer service anywhere and they really care about their product and customers!" - Wendy Moyle (source: customer feedback)

"I've never received such amazing customer service in my life!!!" - Amanda Hall  (source: customer email) 

"Absolutely superior customer service! I ordered two teething necklaces (for Mom) off of Amazon - 1 white and 1 turquoise. After I placed my order, I received a very nice email from Toogli to welcome me to their brand and products. I was impressed. Very nice touch. When the package arrived, there were 2 white necklaces in the box. Obviously not Toogli's fault, but instead of jumping through the hoops with Amazon to return the 1 white necklace and have them ship the correct turquoise one, I emailed Toogli directly, explained the problem, and showed them a picture of the incorrect order. Their response was AMAZING! They were very apologetic, even though it wasn't their error. The President of the company himself handled the issue, shipped the correct color necklace to me for free, and allowed me to keep the extra one (even though I offered to return it). We need more companies like this. The best customer service and absolutely quality products. Thank you!" - Hayley Rowland (source: Facebook)

"I purchased the Toogli Teething Necklace to give my 10 month old daughter something to play with while I was nursing her. It is wonderful! It keeps her occupied while nursing so she is not so distracted and is great for after nursing when she wants something to chew on. I wish I had gotten one sooner. Excellent quality and baby safe materials. I love this necklace! It even comes with an extra clasp in case the original one wears out. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a teething/nursing necklace." - Jessica DeSelms (source: product review)

"LOVE these washcloths!!! Wish I would have found them sooner! Fast shipping, overall great transaction. Thank you!!! - Nicole Vella (source: customer feedback)

"Instant happy baby! Thank you!" - Justin Buttner (source: customer feedback)