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Where To Buy Amber Teething Necklaces In Chicago, Illinois

amber teething necklaces chicagoLooking for an amber teething  amber teething necklace for your baby in Chicago?  Well, we've got a list below that will help you out!

Amber baby teething necklaces have been around for centuries in Europe and are a common and universally accepted remedy for helping teething babies in that part of the world.   Historically though, they have been a lot less commonplace in the US.  However, in recent years that has begun to change as more and more North American moms have experienced the benefits of amber for their teething babies and have spread the word to others.

Even so, it can be hard to find a store located nearby that sells good quality amber teething necklaces. That's why we've put together a list of local stores in Chicago that carry amber necklaces.  Here they are:

Amber Mall, Chicago, IL (773) 782 013 - Amber Mall is a Baltic amber jewelry shop for babies that offers a good selection of high quality amber teething necklaces, teething bracelets and nursing necklaces.

Baltic Amber Dom Itp Chicago, IL (773) 545 5618  - A retail chain of European houseware boutiques in Chicago, Illinois. These guys sell many items from Poland including authentic Baltic amber teething necklaces.

Want a beautiful and authentic amber necklace, shipped to you immediately without having to leave the comfort of your own home?  Then check out our handcrafted imported Baltic amber teething necklaces here.

where to buy Baltic amber teething necklaces in chicago